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    • 英國新聞聽力 法國科學家被疑與恐怖組織有關 The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says food production will have to increase dramatically over the next 40 years to feed the worlds growing population. It says climate change and fewer people working on the land will only make thin
    • 英國新聞聽力 盧旺達總統稱中國為非洲帶來所需 The head of the United Nations mission in Afghanistan has appeared at a news conference flanked by the American, British and French ambassadors in whats being seen as an international show of support for him. The envoy Kai Eide has come under fire fr
    • 英國新聞聽力 亞美尼亞和土耳其簽署和平協議 After decades of hostility and a last-minute delay, Armenia and Turkey have taken a huge step towards reconciliation by signing accords at a ceremony in Switzerland attended by the foreign ministers of Russia, France and the United States. Itd been d
    • 英國新聞聽力 騰中重工正式收購悍馬 President Obama says he hopes that his Nobel Peace Prize will serve as a call to action for America and the rest of the world to face the challenges of the 21st century. He said these included the proliferation of nuclear weapons and climate change.
    • 英國新聞聽力 捷克為里斯本條約設置新障礙 The man likely tipped to become the next British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has set up the aims and believes which he hopes will propel his party to power. In a speech to the last Conservative Party conference before next years general election,
    • 英國新聞聽力 海盜錯誤襲擊法國海軍軍艦被捕 Italy's most senior court has overturned an immunity law which protects the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from prosecution while in office. The ruling means Mr. Berlusconi could stand trial in at least three court cases. From Rome, here is Duncan
    • 英國新聞聽力 倫敦黃金價格創歷史新高 One of the most wanted suspects in Rwandas 1994 genocide has arrived at the International Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania. The man, Idelphonse Nizeyimana, who is described by the tribunal as a prime target, was arrested in neighbouring Uganda. Here i
    • 英國新聞聽力 微軟確認數千hotmail帳號信息泄露 Pakistans Interior Minister Rehman Malik has blamed a lapse in security for a deadly explosion detonated by a suicide bomber at a United Nations compound in the Pakistani capital Islamabad. Mr. Malik said the bomber had been dressed as a member of th
    • 英國新聞聽力 伊朗同意檢查人員進入新披露核設施 Iran has agreed to let inspectors from the United Nations nuclear agency visit its recently-revealed second uranium enrichment plant. They will go there on Oct 25th. The day was set during a visit to Tehran by the head of the agency Mohammed ElBarade
    • 英國新聞聽力 愛爾蘭投票通過里斯本條約 Political leaders across the European Union have welcomed the strong Irish referendum vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty which is designed to strengthen the 27-nation bloc. The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said it was a g
    • 英國新聞聽力 宇航員在寶瓶宮的壓力訓練 CLAUDIA HAMMOND: If you happen to find yourself 80 meters under the sea, off the coast of Florida in the USA, then you might come across Aquarius, the world's only underwater research habitat. And it's here deep down under the water that NASA is givi
    • 英國新聞聽力 里約熱內盧獲2016奧運舉辦權 The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Rio beat the Spanish capital Madrid in a final round of voting by the International Olympic Committee meeting in Copenhagen. From there, Alex Capstick reports. Rio's
    • 英國新聞聽力 埃塞俄比亞發現450萬年前人類化石 The United Nations says at least 1,100 people were killed in the huge earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Wednesday. A large number of people are still believed to be trapped under rubble and the UN humanitarian chief John Holm
    • 英國新聞聽力 135 A powerful underwater earthquake has struck in the South Pacific between Samoa and American Samoa. A tsunami is reported to have hit a village and there is said to have been deaths, though details are still coming in. Phil Mercer reports from Sydney.
    • 英國新聞聽力 隱私的結束 The End of Privacy THE HOST: Well, Pierce Faulks is in the BBC's New York studio and he's the publisher of the trend website PSFK. So Pierce, why should we be focussing on privacy? PIERCE FAULKS: Well, for the majority of us we are a little naive abo
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