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    • 《一呼一吸》精講 01 Dear God! 天哪 Not a chance. 死心吧 And why not? 為什么要死心呢 She's a famous heartbreaker. 她已經拒絕了很多追求者 Do you know her? 你認識她嗎 No, but I know her brothers. 不認識 但我認識她的哥哥們 Don't. Just
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 02 This doesn't look like a jolly pub by the river. 這里不像什么河邊的酒吧啊 No, we seem to have lost our way. 的確不是 我們好像迷路了 What a surprise. 我怎么就不意外呢 You can't possibly marry him, Diana. 你不能嫁給他
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 03 You all right? I'm all right, darling. Are you all right? 你還好嗎 我挺好的 親愛的 你還好嗎 That's the Milima Estate. 這個是米利馬莊園 More subtle fragrance, but it hasn't got the depth. 香氣很微妙 但缺乏深度 Mmm. And
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 04 What is it you actually do out here, Robin? 說實在的 你是做什么的啊 羅賓 Well, I'm a tea broker. 我是茶葉代理商 Um, yes, I collect tea, and then I broke it, and... 我收集茶葉 然后倒賣出去... Well, it's very skilled work
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 05 You need faith to survive out here. 在這里 要靠信仰才能生存下去 Oh, how can you say that, Don? 唐 你怎么能這么說呢 And you a doctor. 你還是個醫生 Well, I believe in the power of the mind. 我相信意念的力量 Did you h
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 06 Oh, I've got news. Oh, yeah? 我有個消息 什么 Yes, it's a bit of a bugger actually. 其實有點麻煩 I'm never going to be able to have fun again. 我再也不能盡情玩樂了 Well, what is it? 什么消息啊 I'm going to have a baby. 我懷
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 07 Never, ever have a baby. It's a blunder, Col. 永遠都別要孩子 超麻煩的 科爾 Never. 永遠都不要 Robin thrashing Colin again? No. 羅賓又大勝科林了嗎 不是 No? 居然不是 Come on. We're going to be late. 快來 我們要遲到了
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 08 Look at this. What is going on over here? 快看 那邊在干什么 Okay, what are these contraptions? 這些奇怪的玩意兒是什么 Mary, you are extraordinary. 瑪麗 你真厲害 Goodness, Katherine. 天哪 凱瑟琳 Oh, Robin will be a natura
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 09 Need a drink. 我想喝點東西 I'll have another go. Let's have another go. 我要再試一下 再試一下 Are you all right? 你還好嗎 Me? Yes, fine. 我嗎 我挺好啊 What's the plan? 你接下來怎么辦 I've asked Thomas to run me home 我
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 10 Colin. 科林 Colin. Sorry. 科林 不好意思 Sorry, old chap. I'm not... 抱歉 老兄 我不... Sorry. I'm not feeling too good. 抱歉 我不太舒服 Well, you look ghastly. 你臉色很難看啊 Arm's giving me some gyp. 我的手臂好疼 Let
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 11 Hello, darling. 你好啊 親愛的 The air can't reach the larynx anymore. 氣流無法到達喉嚨 That's why he can't talk. 所以他說不了話 He says, Bit of a bugger. 他說 有點麻煩 You inhale the polio virus from droplets in the air. 小兒
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 12 Tell me what we can do. 告訴我 我們能做什么 Do you want to go home? 你想回家嗎 After the baby's born. 等孩子出生以后吧 What about Robin? 羅賓怎么辦 Him, too. 他也回家 You do know... 你知道... I have seen enough peopl
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 13 Easy, now. Careful with the respirators. 輕點 小心呼吸機 That's it. Keep slack in the tubes at all times, okay? 就是這樣 始終保持管子放松 Good. Very gently. Very close now. Good. 很好 動作輕點 馬上就好 很好 Let me get r
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 14 There we are. Tid. 這里 蒂德 I can manage from now on. 接下來我自己來吧 It's not fair to ask you to do this. 不該要求你做這些事 Well, I don't see why not. All right. 為什么呢 好了 I looked after you when you were a baby, di
    • 《一呼一吸》精講 15 Talking to Robin 和羅賓說話 It's very clever of you to get him to say anything at all. 就像玩一個可怕的派對游戲 where you don't know the rules. 還不知道規則是什么 was rather like playing one of those ghastly party games 你們
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