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    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第1期:打招呼 打招呼 How did it go today? 今天怎么樣? I'm fine. 我挺好的。 How is your family? 你家里人怎么樣? Not doing too bad. 還不是太壞。 How have you been doing? 你最近怎么樣? What's going on? 最近怎么樣? What's u
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第2期:自我介紹 自我介紹 May I introduce myself? My name is Tom. 我可以向你介紹一下自己嗎?我叫湯姆。 Nice to meet you, Tom. 很高興見到你,湯姆。 Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tom. 請允許我做一下自我介紹。我是湯姆。
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第3期:睡覺起床 睡覺起床 I'm going to bed for the night. Goodnight! 我要上床睡覺去了,晚安 Goodnight. 晚安。 Goodnight, I'm going to sleep. 晚安,我要去睡覺了。 Sweet dreams. 做個好夢 I think I'll take a nap. 我覺得我要睡一會兒
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第4期:餐館吃飯 餐館吃飯 What is for lunch? 午餐吃什么? I'd like some Italian food. 我想吃意大利菜。 What would you like for dinner? 晚餐你想吃什么? I'd like to eat some Chinese food. 我想吃點中國菜。 Where is the closest Chinese
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第5期:買衣服 買衣服 What kind of clothes do you like? 你喜歡什么樣的衣服? What's your favorite brand of clothes? 你喜歡什么品牌的衣服? I prefer Hugo boss. 我喜歡雨果波士 Do you have this sweater in red? 這種毛衣有紅色的嗎?
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第6期:問路 問路經典對話 Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to Time Square, please? 打擾一下,你能告訴我去時代廣場的路嗎? Go along this street, turn right and walk on until you reach the first turning, then turn right again and you'll
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第7期:計劃旅游 計劃旅游經典對話 Where are you going on your trip? 你們打算去哪里旅游??? We are going on a journey to Hawaii. 我們打算去夏威夷旅游。 I want to go on a vacation. 我想去度假。 I'd really like to go on a vacation. 我真
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第8期:挑選旅行社 挑選旅行社經典對話 I have to look for a travel agency. 我得找家旅行社。 I should look at different travel agencies. 我應該看看不同的旅行社。 I bet you could find a good deal. 我肯定你能找到一家合適的。 What d
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第9期:約會 約會經典對話 Will you go out with me? 你愿意和我約會嗎? Yeah, Id love to . 好啊,我很樂意。 Do you want to date? 你想約會嗎? I dont think I want to date you. Sorry. 我覺得我不想和你約會,對不起。 Do you w
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第10期:中國經典智慧之寒蟬和靈龜 寒蟬和靈龜 The Winter Cicada and the Wonder Tortoise 世人都說彭祖活了八百歲,是人間最長壽的了。 People say that once there was a man named PengZu, who at 800 years old had lived the longest life ever. 但有一種小蟲叫做朝
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第11期:中國經典智慧之莊周夢蝶 莊周夢見蝴蝶 The Dream of the Butterfly 1、有一天黃昏,莊周夢見自己變成了蝴蝶。 One day at about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly. 2、他拍拍翅膀,果然像是一只蝴蝶,快樂極
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第12期:中國經典智慧之麗姬的哭泣 麗姬的哭泣 Li Ji's Tears 麗姬做新娘,嫁給晉獻公的時候,傷心得把衣服都哭濕透了。 On Li Ji's wedding day, she was to be married to Prince Jin xian. She was so sad that she drenched her wedding dress in tears. 后來,到了
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第13期:中國經典智慧之小麻雀的得意 小麻雀的得意 The Little Sparrow's Small Happiness 1、大鵬一飛,就飛在九萬里高空上。 The great peng bird soars at a height of 9,000 miles. 2、哈哈!這家伙花這么大的力氣,飛那么高干什么呢? Ha, ha. Look at
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第14期:中國經典智慧之籠中的野雞 籠中的野雞 The Caged Chicken 山林中的野雞求食不易,走十步才能找到一條蟲。 Finding food isn't easy for the wild pheasant, traveling ten steps before getting a single worm. 走一百步才找到一口水,但它仍不希望被
    • 跟Susan一起學美語 第15期:中國經典智慧之泛若不系之舟 泛若不系之舟 Like a Drifting Boat 巧妙的人多勞苦, Talented people have so much work to do. 聰明的人多憂愁, Intelligent people have so much to worry about. 無能的人無所求,吃飽了便到處逍遙。 Incompetent people,
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