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    自考英語綜合一上冊 課文+單詞





    • 自考英語綜合一 上冊 lesson1 The Time Message [00:00.00]The Time Message [00:07.39]Time is tricky.It is difficult do control and easy to waste. [00:14.45]When you look ahead,you think you have more time than you need. [00:20.22]For example,at the beginning of a semester, [00:24.66]you may feel t
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson1(單詞) [00:00.00]Lesson one [00:03.21]Word List [00:06.37]message [00:07.69]n.要旨,要點 [00:09.01]tricky [00:10.40]adj.微妙的,棘手的 [00:11.78]beginning [00:13.10]n.開始;起初 [00:14.42]semester n [00:15.86] n.\學期 [00:17.29]cover [00:
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Text ans Christian Andersen's Own Fairy Tale(1) [00:05.98]Once upon a time there was a poor boy who lived in Denmark. [00:11.34]His father,a shoemaker,had died,and his mother had married again. [00:18.31]One day the boy went to ask a favor
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson2(單詞) [00:00.00]lesson2. Word List [00:04.78]fairy tale [00:06.26]n.童話,神話 [00:07.73]fairy [00:09.01]n.小仙子,小精靈 [00:10.29]shoemaker [00:11.76]n.鞋匠 [00:13.22]shoemaking [00:14.65]n.制鞋,補鞋 [00:16.09]prince [00:17.48]n.王子
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Text [00:02.90]Hans Christian Anderson's Own Fairy Tale(II) [00:09.38]In Copenhagen,Hans Christian lived in an attic in an old house, [00:17.24]where he had a good view of the city. [00:21.50]But there was one big fact that he could not see
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson3(單詞) [00:00.00]lesson 3 [00:03.29]words last [00:06.35]attic [00:07.58]n.閣樓,頂 [00:08.80]view [00:10.12]n.景 [00:11.44]fund [00:12.72] n.資金,現 [00:14.00]vividly [00:15.48]adv.生動 [00:16.95]march [00:18.23]v.行進,行 [00:19.51]gallop
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 4 [00:00.00]text This Life [00:05.88]It is the first time I have ever been on a stage [00:10.45]--I don't even know what a stage looks like [00:14.39]--but I'm up there now and I open this script, [00:19.44]but I don't know what it is. [00:22.60]The di
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson4(單詞) [00:00.00]Lesson four [00:02.90]Word List [00:05.56]script [00:06.99]n.劇本,腳本 [00:08.41]part [00:09.64]n.臺詞 [00:10.87]look [00:12.19]n.樣子,表情 [00:13.51]no [00:14.79]adj.完全不是,絕不是 [00:16.07]dishwasher [00:17.54]n.洗
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Text [00:02.69]The story began on a downtown Brooklyn street corner. [00:08.05]An elderly man had collapsed while crossing the street, [00:13.51]and an ambulance rushed him to Kings County Hospital. [00:18.96]There,when he came to now and a
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson5(單詞) [00:00.00]Word List [00:04.70]watch [00:06.02]n.看護,守 [00:07.34]elderly [00:08.76]adj.年長的 [00:10.19]collapse [00:11.57]v.暈倒 [00:12.96]ambulance [00:14.43]n.救護車 [00:15.91]rush [00:17.23]v.急速將送往 [00:18.55]repeatedly [00
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Text [00:02.61]How Dictionaries Are Made [00:06.14]It is widely believed that every word has a correct meaning, [00:11.78]that we learn these meanings mainly from teachers and grammars, [00:17.06]and that dictionaries and grammar books are
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson6(單詞) [00:00.00]lesson 6 words lest [00:04.60]widely [00:05.97] adv.廣泛地,普遍地 [00:07.34]mainly [00:08.66]adv.主要地 [00:09.98]grammar [00:11.30] n.語法書;語法 [00:12.62]authority [00:14.05] n.權威著作;學術權威 [00:15.49]usag
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Text Love of Life [00:05.69]Two men walked slowly,one after the other,through the shallow water of a stream [00:13.24]All they could see were stones and earth. [00:18.31]The stream ran cold over their feet. [00:23.28]They had blanket packs
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson7(單詞) [00:00.00]Lesson 7 Word list [00:04.60]slowly [00:06.03]adv.緩慢地 [00:07.47]shallow [00:08.84]adj.淺的 [00:10.21]stream stream [00:12.45]n.溪流,小河 v.流動 [00:14.68]earth [00:15.91]泥土 [00:17.14]run [00:18.42]v.指液體流動 [00:1
    • 自考英語綜合一上冊 lesson 8 [00:00.00]Text A Fiddle and the Law [00:06.30]Special Agent X came to a cabin about two miles up the mountain. [00:12.96]He had come to get Cal Richards,an armed and dangerous killer. [00:19.20]Through a broken window,he saw a man with a beard watchi
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